FX Order

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FX Order

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The FX build upon each other according to their order of appearance. When several FX are applied to a layer, the order of these FX is important!

Having the order FX1>FX2 may achieve a result different from the order FX2>FX1. The following example shows how the effect order influences the result.



This is the original image file on the layer.


Left image: Two FX are added to the layer. First FX: RGB Shift, second FX: B&W.
Right image: the result looks like this. After the RGB Shift FX was applied, the whole layer is turned into Black&White mode.

Turning the order of the FX, the result can look totally different!


Left image: Now the B&W FX is applied before the RGB Shift FX.

Right image: after the image was turned into Black&White mode, it is now shifted to the colour red.
If the order of the FX should be modified, go to the Device Tree tab. Drag the effect folder that should be moved and drop it further up or down.


Image sequence above: the effect B&W is moved from the end of the effect chain into the middle.