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The new dynamic shader effects engine allows creating and combining an almost unlimited number of effects. All effects and animations are automatically synchronized across the system network.

Please note:
Depending on your PB device the amount of permitted effects can be limited. Please see the Product Overview for further details.

This chapter is divided into the following themes:
Adding FX
FX Order
FX Parameter
Copy / Paste FX
Removing FX
FX List

There are a few things important to know when working with FX:

-Generally the layers come without any effect applied (except if the site/project is started in Lighting Console Configuration). If necessary you may add one or several FX from the FX tab to your layer, see chapter Adding FX.

-The FX build upon each other according to their order in the FX chain. Having the FX order FX1>FX2 may achieve a result different from FX2>FX1. So the result is influenced by the order of the FX! See chapter FX Order.