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Folder Inspector

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inspector_folderThe Folder Inspector opens when a folder is selected in the Project tab. It includes the properties of the folder itself which can be viewed when clicking the + icon as seen in the left image. In addition it supplies the File Inspector of all files that are part of the selected folder. If you do any changes in this File Inspector, they apply to all files as if they were multi-selected.

IDs Folder / File
Set numeric virtual file and folder IDs for DMX, PB Automation and Widget Designer remote control and thumbnail exchange. All files in this folder will get the same folder ID, the file ID will be counted up based on the given file ID. If needed you can set the maximum number to 255 in the Configuration tab > Resources. In that case the folder ID will increase as well.

Press Clear to remove the virtual file and folder ID.

Spread Content to following Sites
Per default, the check boxes for the local Master and all connected Clients are ticked, meaning that content is spread to them. In case you don't like to spread content to a Client, deactivate its check box. Note that this does not delete the content if is was already spread.
"Apply to Subfolders" copies the check box status to all subfolders within the selected folder. To (un-)select all check boxes click the according button.
Hint: If you right-click on a folder in the Project tab, you may find the option "Spread to...".

Watched Folder
First of all, make sure the option "Monitor changes to files on disk" in the Configuration tab > Resources is activated.
Click the button "Browse" to choose a folder from the hard disk that should be watched. If you like to watch subfolders as well tick the according check box. This will automatically add all subfolders as Watched Folders.
All files that are part of the watched disk's folder will be added to this Pandoras Box project folder. All files that are afterwards added to the watched folder will automatically appear in the PB folder. Files that are changed will be reloaded by Pandoras Box. Files (and sub folders) that are deleted in the watched folder will remain in the PB folder unless "Remove files from project / Clients on delete" is checked.
Click the button "Clear" to delete the Watch function.

Inspector for
Please see the File Inspector for information about these options.

Spread Resources
This spreads the entire content of the folder to all sites according to the above option "Spread Content to following Sites".

Clean up Inconsistent
Removes all inconsistent files from the Master system.

File Management
Please see the File Inspector for information about these options.