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File Menu

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The file menu allows you to achieve all project related actions.


[New Project]
Click here to create a new project. Before leaving the current project you will be asked if you want to store the current project. You will have to choose if you want to create a project in Standard Mode (shortcut: CTRL-N) or in Lighting Console Mode.

[Open Project]
Click here (or use CTRL-O) to open an existing project.

[Open Recent Project]
Open a list with recently used projects.

[Save Project]
Click here (or use CTRL-S) to save the current project. This also saves the project for all Multi-Users.
Please note: There is no auto-save function!

[Save Project As]
Click here (or use CTRL-Shift-S) to save the current project under a different name and go on working in the renamed project. This also saves the project for all Multi-Users under the new name and switches their project to the new one.

[Save Project Copy]
Click here (or use CTRL-Shift-Alt-S) to save a copy of the current project and go on working in the current project. This is an ideal option for saving backup versions of your project. A nice workflow is for example to create a "Backup" folder in your project folder and choose this folder when saving with the "Save Project Copy" option. For a nice overview, you could name your copies with the date or with a description, e.g. "projectname_20170531_0815" or projectname_v10_before warping". If you like to load a project copy (or backup) and in case you work with content saved in the "assets" folder, it makes sense to copy or paste the backup file into the folder with the "assets" folder, i.e. next to the original project file as this ensures that your content is consistent. The benefit of the "assets" folder is explained in the next paragraph "Bundle Project".

Please note, that this saving option does not work in a Multi-User environment.

[Bundle Project]
Click here (or use CTRL-Shift-B) to bundle your project under a new name and location. All content used in the timeline will be copied to the new location in a folder called "assets" next to the show file. This option allows you to only have one folder to archive your show on a external hard drive. To play your show again, just copy this folder at its original location on your hard disk and all paths will be recovered.

Since version 5.5 Pandoras Box supports a relative path whereto content can be saved. When saving a project a folder named "assets" is generated just next to the show file. If you copy content files to that folder and drag them from here into your Pandoras Box project the content links are relative. That means that you can move the project folder ( including the *.xml and asset folder) to every path wanted without the need of re-linking the content.
As bundling the project creates an assets folder as well, you can copy the bundled folder wherever you like to. As all paths are relative paths, Pandoras Box is able to load all the content. It will not become inconsistent any more.

[Close Project]
Click here (or use CTRL-W) to close the current project.

[Remove Unused Resources]
Click here to remove all content files from your project that are not used in the timeline.

Click here (or use CTRL-Q) to Exit Pandoras Box. You will be asked if you want to store your project if there are not stored changes.