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The Edit menu in WD lists commands influencing the look and behavior of your working environment.


Item Properties
Opens the Item Properties dialog of the selected widget or node.

Activates the operating mode called "run mode". (Shortcut: [F8])
The operating modes are explained here.

Edit / Move
Activates the operating mode called "edit / move mode" (Shortcut: [F9]).

Copies widgets that have been selected before.

Pastes widgets that have been copied before. The controls are inserted according to the mouse pointer's position. If you like to paste controls to another page use the shortcut [CTRL + P] while being in the edit / move mode.

Deletes widgets that have been selected before.

This opens a list of actions that can be executed for single or multiple selected widgets. For example they can be moved pixel-wise, or snapped to the grid (the grid does not have to be visible though).

Align Selection
To align multiple UI elements to each other, you will first need to select the items while being in the edit mode and then apply the desired alignment method.
Please click here when you like to learn more about the edit mode.

When you need to place one element on top of another, you may click on the desired element(s) and choose "Send to Back" or "Bring to Front".

Reset protection passwords
Deletes all passwords from the project cache. If you have objects protected by passwords, you will have to enter each password again for accessing those objects. For more information on the usage of passwords, please refer to the Project Settings dialog.

Project Settings
This opens the Project Settings dialog.

Web Server Settings
This opens the Web Server Settings dialog.

Web Styles
This opens the Effects and Animations dialog, please see the chapter Effects & Animations (Web Styles).