DMX Devices

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DMX Devices

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All Pandoras Box Systems feature DMX device control. This is especially useful for synchronized control of moving video projectors and the dynamic keystone correction of Pandoras Box. Furthermore it's used for installations where DMX needs to be programmed in sync to the video playback.

On the one hand, it is possible to input DMX and remote control layers by an external lighting desk. On the other hand, Pandoras Box features DMX output as well. This way you may include DMX devices into the timeline and control them with parameter keys in the same way as controlling video layers.
To input or output DMX you can either use the coolux DMX Link or devices that convert the data to ethernet, like the DMX Link 8 or others.

Pandoras Box features both 8bit and 16 bit DMX parameters and supports the protocols DMX, Art-Net, MA-Net and sACN.

As said above, to output DMX data to a device, it needs to be part of the timeline. As explained in the following two chapters, you may choose your DMX device from the built-in device list or create a custom device as XML file for DMX control.