Device Tree

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Device Tree

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The device tree is the main place to browse and edit all available devices in the project.

If you are working with a Pandoras Box Player or Server system in stand-alone mode the "local" lists all layers that are part of your system. If you are not working in stand-alone mode but with a Master and Client system(s) you need to add these Clients (including their layers) to the Device Tree as well. If the Clients are already connected, i.e.:
- started (in the same Revision as the Master system) and showing the Pandoras Box Client window and
- set to the correct IP address and Pandoras Box domain
you may see them in the Assets tab and add them from there to the Devices tab (shown in the right image below).If this is not the case, e.g. if you like to pre-program a show, you may drag an according system from the Device Types tab into the device tree. Later on, when the real systems are connected, you can simply select the pre-programmed Client and enter the IP address in the Device Inspector.

device-types_device-tree_drag-site assets_device-tree_drag-site

After adding a system to the Devices tab, it is shown with collapsed layers. To unfold/fold a site or device tree double-click on it.

Figure left: The Site named “Server Light” is collapsed. Figure right: After a double-click on the Site icon the standard amount of devices is shown.

The Device Tree...
- Is always linked to the Sequence Tab in order to browse and edit keys stored to the sequence
- Allows you to sort the layer and FX structure
- Allows to show / hide parameters, layers, sites
- Allows a site to be included in / excluded from the preview.

The Device Tree section is separated into the following themes:
Context Menus
Device Selection
Structured View

If you are rather interested in the devices itself, e.g what is the meaning of a parameter in a Video Layer, how to add an effect to a layer or how to use a DMX device (DMX fixture) please refer to the topic about "Device Control".