Device Selection

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Device Selection

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This topic explains ways how to select sites (i.e. Players and Servers) and devices (i.e. layers). If you like to save selection-groups, please refer to the topic "Groups".

Selection of a site or device

Select a site (Server) or a device (layer) by left-clicking on it. The layer icon will turn blue and the selected device will be loaded into the device control tab.



To select several devices, select the first one and hold down the CTRL or the SHIFT key while clicking on other devices to select them, too.
When several devices are selected, the last one selected will be loaded into the Device Control tab.


Once you have done your selection, all parameter changes (adding new media/mesh, moving a fader) on one of these selected layers will be assigned to all selected layers. E.g.: Changing the opacity of layer 1 will result in opacity changes in all selected layers.

Selection Lock

To keep your multi-selection while modifying other devices, right-click on one of the devices and choose Toggle Selection Lock or press CTRL+L. A lock icon will display the locked device selection.


If you now click e.g. on Layer 5, it will be loaded into the device control tab. You are able to modify this layer and keep your selection for later purposes.