Decrypting Media

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Decrypting Media

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To open the Media Encryption Tab, please click on 'Tabs' in the Toolbar - Media Encryption.

In order to decrypt content you have to copy the key, the policy and the content to the project. The order in which you go through these steps doesn’t matter, since the files can be played only if all elements are present:


Copy the string from the email or text file. Select „Import Key“ and click the "Paste" command. After clicking "OK" the key string is imported to the project and spread automatically to all connected Clients and to all Clients added to the project later on.
You may rename the key (and policy) at any time, this does not alter the functionality!


If you have received a digital policy via email or an text file, import it in the same way by selecting the "Import" button. As policies are not spread automatically, you need to assign them to each PB system. To do so:
- choose the particular policy in the policy`s drop down list
- scroll further down to the list with "Active Policies" and (multi-)select the site(s) where you want the selected policy to be active
- click the button "Assign" at the very bottom of the tab where it says "Change Digital Policy On Selected Sites".

The list will update automatically and the column "Digital" will show the according policy. If you have assigned a wrong policy simply choose another one in the drop down menu and repeat the mentioned steps.

If you have received a dongle policy via one or more Media Dongles insert them to the PB systems which should be able to decrypt media. The dongle and its containing policy are recognized automatically. The column "Dongle" in the list with "Active Policies" will show the current status. As well the policy will be added to the drop down list "Available Policies" in the PB Master (even though no dongle is attached there). The appendix [From Dongle] informs you that it is no regular digital policy.

Now, on each PB Master and PB Client the policy recognizes imported keys and validates the according one.

Please keep in mind that every system that has to decrypt media needs to have a valid key, that may require a Media Dongle per each system!
As soon as you would unplug a Media Dongle, assign a wrong digital policy, exceed the allowed time-limit or remove the key in the Master, the system cannot decrypt any more and either the preview or the fullscreen window will show a dummy picture instantly. The dummy picture tells you whether there is an issue with the key or the policy status.


encryption_dummyEncryption_icons_02Now drag the encrypted content into the project. The content recognizes its key and can be unlocked. The files are automatically added to the particular key list. If it cannot find the correct key it will be substituted with a dummy picture.

The icons in the project tab tell you whether a file is
a) encrypted with a key / policy that is not part of the project,
b) encrypted with a known key / policy
c) not encrypted.
The status does not affect the functionality of spreading. E.g. the Manager will spread encrypted content to all Clients, even though it is not equipped with a dongle-based policy. Only those Clients with the correct key and policy will actually decrypt the media.

We strongly recommend not to change keys or policies during a show! Any change in a key or policy status or Media Dongle connection will update all encrypted files.