Datatypes and Structures

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Datatypes and Structures

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This topic lists all available datatypes and their structures that are used by the SDK. Please see the next topic for all available functions.

Enumeration AutoError - Contains the error codes which describe the problem that occurred

Enumeration SequenceTimeCodeMode - Contains the codes for timecode modes

Enumeration SequenceTimeCodeStopAction - Contains the codes which determine what to do after a SMTPE timecode stop

Enumeration TransportMode - Contains the codes for play/pause/stop/playloop

Enumeration CuePlayMode - Contains the cue types (play,pause,stop,jump,wait)

Structure TimeType - Is used for functions that return time information

Structure MediaOptionsType - Contains options for media assets

Structure MediaType1 - Contains information on media assets ("MediaType" is for legacy support)

Structure LayerType - Contains site and device number of a layer

Structure ParamResourceType1 - Contains information about a resource ("ParamResourceType" is for legacy support)

TreeItemType - Contains information about a tree item