Custom DMX Devices

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Custom DMX Devices

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As said in the previous chapter, all Pandoras Box systems ship with a built-in DMX device list. If your device is not included in the list, you may create a custom file and add it to the Device Type tab as explained below. Afterwards, please follow the chapter about DMX output that explain how to patch a device, configure the output protocol and finally, send data.

A custom DMX library file can be created as a text file with WordPad. The file needs an extension called “.clib” and needs to be stored in the installation folder of the Master under: “\data\types\DMX Fixtures”.

Please find here an example of a DMX .clib file for a Martin MAC500:
 <?xml encoding="yes" ?>
 <descripDevice type="fixtureDmx" artNetIndexScope="16">
 <descripModule type="param8bit" name="STROBE" default="34" artNetIndexOff="0" />
 <descripModule type="param8bit" name="DIM" default="0" artNetIndexOff="1" />
 <descripModule type="param8bit" name="COLOR1" default="0" artNetIndexOff="2" />
 <descripModule type="param8bit" name="COLOR2" default="0" artNetIndexOff="3" />
 <descripModule type="param8bit" name="GOBO1" default="0" artNetIndexOff="4" />
 <descripModule type="param8bit" name="GOBO1 ROT" default="0" artNetIndexOff="5" />
 <descripModule type="param8bit" name="GOBO2" default="0" artNetIndexOff="6" />
 <descripModule type="param8bit" name="FOCUS" default="50" artNetIndexOff="7" />
 <descripModule type="param8bit" name="IRIS" default="0" artNetIndexOff="8" />
 <descripModule type="param8bit" name="PRISMA1" default="0" artNetIndexOff="9" />
 <descripModule type="param16bit" name="PAN" default="32768" artNetIndexOff="10" />
 <descripModule type="param16bit" name="TILT" default="32768" artNetIndexOff="12" />
 <descripModule type="param8bit" name="SPEED1" default="0" artNetIndexOff="14" />
 <descripModule type="param8bit" name="SPEED2" default="0" artNetIndexOff="15" />

As you can see the first line gives the general device description and the overall DMX channel count “artNetIndexScope=”.
The following lines describe each DMX channel of the fixture by a zero based offset of the DMX channel count at the end of each line by “artNetIndexOff=”.
You may also choose the type of parameters “param8bit” or “param16bit” as well as setting the descriptive name and reset and default value.