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The Cues tab gives you an overview of all cues used in the sequence shown in the Sequence tab and allows fast changes. In addition, you can also export the information about cues as a csv file.
The Cues tab is not part of the Default View. To open it, please click on "Tabs" in the Toolbar and choose "Cues".


The Cues tab lists all cues from the sequence (currently shown in the Sequence tab) in the order of the cue time shown in the "Time" row. Per default, all rows are activated:
Cue ID, Name, [Internal] Note, Type, Time, Countdown, Jump/Wait [Time], Target Cue
With a right-click in the title line, you can uncheck the rows you do not like to be displayed in the table. The width of a row can be adjusted by dragging the cell border with the mouse.

To change a cell, (double-)click it and start typing (a new ID, Name etc.). The "Type" cells require a double-click to open a drop-down list. You can also multi-select cells and change them at once. Click on a cell and hold either CTRL or SHIFT pressed whilst clicking on another one. The selected cells are highlighted in blue. Now again, double-click to open the drop-down or start typing directly, i.e. with or without the double-click.

The information in the "Note" cells is only displayed in the Cues tab. All other data can also be seen and edited in the Cue Inspector when a cue is selected in the sequence. Of course, changes made in any tab are synchronized with all other tabs in the user interface. The "Countdown" and "Jump/Wait" times are additionally displayed above the Device Tree. The "Countdown" can also be seen in the Time Monitor tab.

cues-tab_context-menuWhen right-clicking on a cue, you can either choose to "Select Cue in Sequence" to display it in the Inspector, or use the shortcut [CTRL + U] to do so. You can also choose to "Jump" with the Nowpointer to its position in the Sequence (or use the shortcut [CTRL + J]).
Additional options are to "Add Cue at Current Time" which adds a new cue at the current Nowpointer position or to delete the selected cue entirely.
Lastly you may export the entire cue sheet as an excel or csv file.