Controller Setup

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Controller Setup

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In the Controller Setup Tab the assignment of Sequence Faders and Cue Button controls for the coolux Jog Shuttle and the coolux Fader Controller will be done. Without assigning these Faders / Buttons the controller boards won’t work.



The image above shows the Controller Tab with the Jog Shuttle Controller Board connected to the Pandoras Box Master device.

Press this button if the connected Controller Board is not shown in the tab. This will reload the connection.

[Enable Sequence On/Off Key]:
This option is valid for the former Jog Shuttle Controllers. The Sequence On/Off Key is enabled by default. This button will toggle the opacity of the selected sequence between 0% and 100%. This option may be disabled so that the sequence can’t be turned off by fault.

[Load Selected Sequence]:
When this option is enabled, the sequence selected by the sequence faders will be active and loaded into the Sequence Tab.

[Jog Shuttle]:
The Jog Shuttle Board allows controlling two sequences. To assign a sequence in Pandoras Box to a Sequence Fader and Select Button on the Jog Shuttle Board, please enter the sequence ID into the text field next to Fader 1 or Fader 2.

[Cue IDs]:
For each sequence that is linked to the faders 16 specific cues may be called via the Cue Buttons.

To assign the Cue Buttons to specific CueIDs in Pandoras Box:

-Select the Sequence whose cues you want to link to the Cue Buttons by clicking on Fader 1 or Fader 2 in the Jog Shuttle section.

-The title of the Cue IDs changes to the Fader number and the Sequence ID linked to this fader.

-Enter a Cue ID for a Cue Button.



If there is a Fader Extension Board attached to the Pandoras Box Master Device as well, the Controller Setup Tab shows 6 additional faders.

Assign sequences in Pandoras Box to these additional faders the same way you do when working with a Jog Shuttle Board. For each of these sequences 16 specific cues may be called via the Cue Buttons on the Jog Shuttle Controller as well. For information about how to assign these CueIDs, please see “CueIDs” above.