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To zoom in/out the sequence:
- press +/- on your main keyboard or
- click on the zoom tool (magnifying glass icons) on top of the Devices tab or
- hold the SHIFT key and left-click in the time bar (just above the timeline) and move the mouse up and down


To start/pause the sequence, press the space button on your keyboard or use the sequence control buttons Play, Stop and Pause on top of the Devices tab.


- Navigate through the sequence by dragging the nowpointer (blue vertical line) on the time bar.
- You can also enter the desired timecode on top of the Devices Tab. The timecode 00:00:00:00 stands for hours:minutes:seconds:frames. Use this format to enter a new timecode or just type the last numbers, i.e. "409" to get the displayed timecode 00:00:04:09.
- Use CTRL + --> (arrow right) or CTRL + <-- (arrow left) to jump from key to key (including the clip borders).
- Use CTRL + ALT + --> (arrow right) or CTRL + ALT + <-- (arrow left) to jump from cue to cue (including the clip borders)


All available shortcuts for Pandoras Box are included here as a list.