Camera Control

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Camera Control

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As mentioned in the chapter Video Processing Pipeline the camera control allows setting up the 3D look-at-point onto your 3D composition. Here you can determine whether each camera should display the same or different areas in 3D space. This allows stretching layers over several outputs or to create softedge blended setups.

Depending on your PB product one, two or four cameras are available whilst a camera on a Server has more parameters than on a Player.

The Camera Control chapter is divided into the following sections. Information about DMX Control is included, addressing customers who wish to remote control a layer with a lighting desk via DMX or Art-Net. If you like to use the Widget Designer or another application instead, please refer to this parameter list.
Projection Mode
View Point (only available for Servers)
Target (only available for Servers)
Lens Shift
Background Color (only available for Servers)