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Browser Inspector

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inspector_browserThe Browser Inspector opens when a browser asset is selected in the Project tab. Please refer to the chapter about media files in the Project tab if you like to know how to create and work with a browser asset. If your displayed web page includes links you would like to click, please read the chapter about Layer Picking.
If you like to set up initial values for new Browsers, please refer to the Configuration tab > Resources.

IDs Folder / File
Set numeric virtual file and folder IDs for DMX, PB Automation and Widget Designer remote control and thumbnail exchange.

Press "Clear" to remove the virtual file and folder ID.

Enter a web site's address that the browser should open, e.g.

If you like to open a web site saved on a hard disk, the syntax for the URL is: file://host/path.
Example for local hard disk: file:///C:/coolux/web site/index.html
Example for remote hard disk: file:// site/index.html
Note that rendering from a remote path will add delay. The space character in the folder name "web site" can also be represented with "%20".

Use Domain as Resource Name
If this option is ticked, the browser asset in the Project tab refers to the URL. In this example it is called

Texture Width and Height
Set the size of the texture the browser renders on.

Webpage Styles
Decide how the web page's background should be displayed. You may choose to display it like a normal browser would do, to replace it with transparency or a custom color.

Clear Cache
This clears the browser cache which stores temporary information from the web site including styles and images.

Please see the File Inspector for the options "Anisotropic Filtering", "FluidFrame" and "Use Video Memory Buffers" and "Texture Address Mode".

Additional, advanced options including font anti-aliasing for web content and FPS settings can be found in the file "tweak_config.txt" in the installation path, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\coolux\Pandoras Box V5 Player Pro Rev 9924\data\config.