Audio Formats

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Audio Formats

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Audio files may be played back in several different ways within Pandoras Box.

Firstly, you may playback a video file with an embedded audio stream or play an .wav, .mp3 or .mp4 file directly. In order to play .mp4 files please make sure the Quicktime Player is installed on your computer.
To convert other audio formats for use in Pandoras Box Servers, you might want to use Adobe Premiere or CleanerXL from Discreet.

Please Note: Please be aware that embedded audio will only synchronize to the local audio clock! It is recommended to separate audio and video files onto individual layers for proper playback.

Secondarily you may play back an audio file using ASIO. The PB Manager, Player and Server software support all common ASIO sound cards and offers audio and video playback synchronization to the audio clock via dedicated Audio Tracks. The number of available tracks differ according to the chosen product. The topic "Product Overview" gives an overview.
The ASIO Tracks will play mono and stereo PCM Wave files (16 or 24 bit) whilst the sample rate depends on the ASIO sound card.
More details regarding the setup and use of ASIO in Pandoras Box can be found in the chapter "Audio Tracks".

Another possibility would be using Sonic Emotion, supporting up to 16 channel audio, please use the Sonic Emotion Hardware Player. For more details please contact

With the Sonic Emotion 16CH device, mono wave files with 48 kHz 16 bit can be uploaded and synchronized to the Pandoras Box Timeline Playback.

The next topics describe other content formats, such as single images, image sequences and videos.