AirScan Input

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AirScan Input

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The AirScan Input node provides the following output values: X1/X2 position, Y1/Y2 position, distance, angle, P1/P2 (Point) enter, P1/P2 leave.
Please set up the AirScan in the AirScan Tools Menu.


Node Properties

The Node generates the following output:

- AirScan X1 Pos,

- AirScan Y1 Pos,

- AirScan X2 Pos,

- AirScan Y2 Pos,

- AirScan Distance (between two points),

- AirScan Angle (between two points),

- AirScan P1 Enter (true or false),

- AirScan P1 Leave (true or false),

- AirScan P2 Enter (true or false),

- AirScan P2 Leave.(true or false).