Adding, Editing and Removing FX

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Adding, Editing and Removing FX

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This chapter explains how to add an effect to a Layer, access its parameters and how to remove it again. The effects themselves can be found in the chapter "FX List".

Generally the layers come without any FX applied, except if the site/project is started in Lighting Console Configuration.

If you have a look into the Device Tree of a plain video layer, there are no FX inside the FX folder and in the tab with the Device Controls there are no FX parameters, see image below.


To add an effect to a video layer, graphic layer or output device, change to the Aeon FX Tab and choose the effect from one of the theme folders. Using the "Filter View" drop-down list will show all FX that are available for your PB device, which is especially of interest when working with a Player license. You can also use the "Search FX" drop-down to filter the shown effects or the FX Explorer which is also explained in the chapter covering the Aeon FX tab.

Image above: The Filters are set to display only effects that contain "mask" in their name and are available for PB Players.

Choose an effect and drag and drop it either onto the layer in the Device Tree or in the empty space next to the standard parameters in the Device Controls tab. Thirdly, you can also select the layer in the Device Tree first (it will be highlighted in blue) and execute a double-click on the desired effect.

After adding the FX it will be shown in the layers FX folder in the Device Tree (after double-clicking the folder or by clicking the “+” icon in front of it) and next to the standard parameters in the Device Control tab. The new section is always titled with the name of the FX and shows all parameters.


The default values of every effect are set in a way that the effect won’t affect the layer texture automatically after it is added to the layer. You need to modify the Mix parameter in order to apply the effect.

If you need more effects on your device, just repeat this procedure as often as needed. Every effect will be attached to the FX list in the Device Tree / next to the last effect section in the Device Control tab.

Please note:
The order of the FX is very important, as they build upon each other! Having FX1 applied in front of FX2 in the FX chain may give a different result as having FX2 in front of FX1, see chapter FX Order.

To remove an effect again, right-click on the effect in the Device Tree or in the Device Controls tab (onto the title next to the +/- symbol) and choose "Remove (FX)".