Active Values

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Active Values

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Device parameter values are designed to have different states:
Active and Inactive.

As you edit and change device parameter values from within the device tree or device control tab, all manually changed values will be activated and highlighted in red.

The active value state of a parameter value indicates the changes you have made but not stored yet. Therefore any store operation within Pandoras Box will be based on the active values only.

Active values are always displayed in red everywhere in the user interface until the values are either stored to a preset or sequence, reset to default or simply deactivated. As long as there are active values for a parameter, all values that have previously been stored in the timeline will be ignored until you store or reset these active values.


The Active Values tab lists all currently active values. This gives you an overview of all changes you made since the last store operation.
To see all active values of the selected devices only, check [Restrict to Selected] at the bottom of the Active Values Tab.

By left-clicking on the values in the Active Values tab you may apply direct changes to any parameter value.


This concept is particularly useful if you do not want to mess around with programmed timeline values and change values only temporarily for creation and setup.

To reset a value right-click on the desired parameter and choose “Reset”. In the right click menu it is also possible to activate parameters or to clear active parameters.


Every reset command will deactivate the active values based on the reset target.