Feel the Sound.


The sonic wave I 3D sound processor enlarges the listening zone of conventional surround sound and enables perfect  audio imaging for all listeners.

In conventional setups only listeners in the centre of the loudspeakers are in the sweet spot and therefore get the impression that the sound is reproduced spatially. 

With the sonic wave I, everyone perceives the perfect, spatial audio image regardless of their position in the room.

The sweet spot is expanded to cover the whole room this way. Additionally, with the sonic spatializer it is possible to reproduce sound spatially with just a stereo input signal.

Only 8-24 loudspeakers are required to implement the sonic wave I, making it suitable for new and existing installations and for application in concert halls, movie theaters, clubs, multipurpose halls, conference rooms, theaters, museums, etc.

Multiple units can be combined to create a full 3D wavefield synthesis system featuring focused wave field positioning within a room.

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