SDI Processor

The SDI Processor generates four 3G/HD-SDI outputs from two DualLink DVI inputs.
This makes it perfect for broadcast environments or when long cable runs are needed.

Each of the four independent outputs is doubled up for use of an additional device such as a preview monitor.

It is an optional addition to:
• Pandoras Box Server
• Pandoras Box Player


DVI Processor

The DVI Processor generates four DVI-D outputs or two 3G/HD-SDI outputs from two DualLink DVI inputs.
The device adds more physical outputs to your system and increases the flexibility of it while saving valuable rack space.

The SDI outputs can be used to feed signals into video mixers or broadcast environments.

It is an optional addition to:

• Pandoras Box Server
• Pandoras Box Player



The Jog Shuttle Board is able to control up to two sequences at a time. Opacity control, direct access to cues and a Jog Dial is evertime within reach.

Connected to a Widget Designer, the Jog Shuttle acts as a freely configurable device.


Fader Board

The Fader Board is the extension for the Jog Shuttle Controller. It allows the controlling of six more sequences.

Configure the Fader Board as a flexible multi-purpose device for controlling e.g. lights or audio when used in conjunction with Widget Designer.


DMX Link In / Out

The DMX Link provides direct sequence and layer control from any common lighting controller. The USB interface is compatible with Windows XP up to Win8.1 and offers an easy setup for DMX-512 control. Two version are available for DMX input and output.



The compact SMPTE Link can be setup as LTC SMPTE sender or receiver. All Pandoras Box Manager, Server & Player sequences can send and receive timecode via the USB SMPTE Link interface. Also, the Widget Designer can act as sending or receiving device.

Supported framerates: 24/25/29.97/30fps