DMX Link In / Out

The DMX Link provides direct sequence and layer control from any common lighting controller. The USB interface is Windows XP and Win7 compatible and offers an easy setup for DMX 512 control. Two version are avialable for DMX input and output.



The compact SMPTE Link can be setup as LTC SMPTE sender or receiver. All Pandoras Box Manager, Server & Player sequences can send and receive timecode via the USB SMPTE Link interface. Supported framerates: 24/25/29.97/30fps



The EDID Link is an EDID generator developed to be perfectly aligned
with the Pandoras Box product family. One of its major features, in addition
to its very robust design, is the ability to supply power via USB or DVI.

You can also select pre-programmed presets by using a rotary switch on the actual body of the EDID Link. Up to 50 different EDIDs can be freely chosen and set, using a simple and user friendly GUI.