Real-Time Tracking ID-Tags

Hello dear Tech-Blog readers,

as some of you might have heard, we presented a really ingenious new product at this year's LDI in Las Vegas.

What's the product called? At the moment we are simply calling them ID Tags. These tags will make real-time tracking scenarios not only easier to set up, but also more reliable, more versatile, and more cost-effective.

 Interactive projections, camera automation, stage tracking, audio tracking and lighting control are just some of the areas in which the tags will be of great use for a variety of creative setups.

The important technical bit:

Each of the tags can be addressed with a unique ID, which opens up the possibility of up to 256 different unique IDs being tracked in real-time within a single setup. 

One individual tag has two LEDs onboard and can have between one to two additional infrared LEDs attached to it. 

Tracking people or objects this way is achieved using a purely optical transmission system, which means you can avoid a lot of potential problems that are sometimes linked to radio control based setups.

The coin sized ID Tags can be easily attached to set pieces, costumes or any other part of a tracking setup. 

You can fit a tag with a button cell battery with enough power to last over 10 hours.

 Alternatively, a micro USB port can be used for connecting additional power sources.

2D Tracking setups can be realised with as little as one camera, 3D XYZ tracking will require a minimum of 3 or more cameras.

Using the coolux Widget Designer Software for creating the actual control setup, users can choose between different modes, depending on each individual setting and lighting situation. 

Two types of cameras can be used for ID Tag tracking setups: USB cameras with 100 fps, and network-power-via-Ethernet cameras with up to 250fps.

If you need more specifics regarding the cameras, feel free to send us a mail and we'll try our best to steer you to the most suitable components.

Almost needless to say, coolux Pandoras Box software and hardware products are of course fully compatible with the new ID Tags and are the natural choice for project solutions that feature real-time media rendering up to 4K and beyond.

Here is some un-edited footage from our LDI booth (a proper clip will follow in the weeks to come), so that you can see what this is all about. Special Thanks go out to our friends at LOOP LIGHT for their support during LDI (in case you were wondering, an ID Tag was attached to the mini-copter):

Thanks for your interest!

Kind regards, your coolux team

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