Dongle Update

Since the ability to update your dongles to Pandoras Box Version 5 is very important, we decided to present you with a quick how-to guide.

Please find all the necessary update tools below.

 As there is a new dongle-firmware you need to use the following tools to update and run Version 5.

First of all download, unzip and run "" to install the new driver to your computer

Then download, unzip and run "" , in order to install the latest firmware to your dongle.

Now download, unzip and run the appropriate "" to read out your dongle (either in English or German).

Should you already be running the latest dongle-firmware, you will now see a message saying: "Update failed: HASP Key not found". 

In this case you can simply proceed to continue with the dongle readout.

Select the left-hand tab "Collect Key Status Information" within the readout tool and press the "Collect Information"-button at the bottom. This   command will initiate a file-dialogue that allows you to save your dongle information as a .c2v-file to wherever you want to store it on your computer.

Once you have done this, send this file to in order to upgrade to Version 5.

You will get a .v2c-file in return with the updated information.

Open the readout tool again and select the right-hand tab "Apply License Update" this time. 

Press the "..."-button in order to choose the dongle-file (*.v2c) you received. 

Click "Apply Update" on the bottom left to upgrade your dongle. 

Once you have succeeded in doing this, you are ready to run Pandoras Box Version 5.